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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Calibration Technique On Caliper And Extrenal Micrometer

Calibration Technique On Caliper And Extrenal Micrometer

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help participant to learn the calibration systems such as measurement traceability, measurement uncertainty and proficiency test. Participants will learn how to determine calibration procedures,the uniformity of calibration performance, , method and technical skills for calibration

  • Learn the type of measurement errors

  • Learn the principle concepts on measurement and calibration

  • Implement calibration of calliper and external micrometer

  • Fully utilise Excel to estimate measurement uncertainties

  • Analyse measurement results and calibration certificates

Course Outline
  • Dimensional measurement

  • Dimensional tools 

  • Calibration certificates

  • Proficiency testing 

  • Application of basic statistical and probability 

  • Probability distributions

  • Measurement traceability 

  • Measurement uncertainty

  • Dimensional tools

  • Standard calibration method

  • Caliper, JIS B 7507, vernier, dial and digital callipers

  • External micrometer, JIS B 7502 Micrometer for external measurement

  • Standard work instruction for calliper

  • Calibration steps 

  • Measurement errors and uncertainties

  • Standard work instruction for external micrometer

  • Calibration standards masters and tools

  • Calibration work and excel formulas

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