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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Bearing Lubrication

Bearing Lubrication

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to study the theory and practical aspect of bearing lubircation. Participants will learn how to apply the lubrication , maintain lubricants and procedures in bearing applications.

  • Understand how to apply and maintain lubricants .

  • Understand the lubricating procedures in bearing applications in the plant. 

Course Outline
  • Lubrication fundamentals Functions

  • Lubricant additives Effects

  • Surface damage in bearings Grease lubrication Functions and properties Delivery systems

  • Metering systems Grease type

  • Grease intervals Relubrication amounts Common errors Troubleshooting

  • Over greasing

  • Under greasing

  • Mixing greases

  • Corrective actions

  • Applying lubricants

  • Lubrication and re-lubrication procedures SKF grease test kit

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