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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Basic Hand Tools And Equipment

Basic Hand Tools And Equipment

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to enable participants to acquire knowledge and skills of handling the basic hand tools and equipment in performing the tasks. Participants will be able perform task efficiently.

  • Learn the basic hand tools and equipments.

  • Able to differentiate power source , electrical components and material.

  • Create a safe workplace.

Course Outline
  • Work instructions

  • Types of tasks

  • Types of tools and equipment

  • Types of materials

  • Types of power source

  • Types of electrical and electronic components

  • Handling of electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive device/component procedures Faulty or unsafe tools procedures

  • Hand tools and equipment

  • Electrical and electronic symbols

  • Assembly methods

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Cleaning methods

  • Cleaning agents

  • Cleaning tools and equipment

  • Tools, equipment and materials

  • Handling of worn out tools and equipment procedures

  • Waste management

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