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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


7 QC Tools

7 QC Tools

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to give participants a better understand of these tools and how to implement the tools in daily workplace in order to resolve the problem. The course will discuss about the 7QC tools tools that will help to identify potential problem.

  • Understand the quality and steps to control quality.

  • Outline the improvement methodology and define the 7 QC tools and utilize the 7 QC tools effectively.

  • Implement quality and productivity improvement activities in the organization.

Course Outline
  • Introduction to 7QC tools

  • Problem solving model

  • Parents chart

  • Check sheet

  • Cause and effect diagram

  • Scatter diagram

  • Histogram

  • Control chart

  • Graph

  • Construction of all tools

  • Application of all tools

  • Implementation of all tools

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