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Computer Technology


Computer Technology 


Wall Street Presentation Slide Design

Wall Street Presentation Slide Design

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for participants who do have a good gauge of slide decks designed and would like to enhance to level of proficiency to professional slide designer level. This design class is focused on the needs of participants looking to to create successful, well-designed slides on any devices.

  • Draw and create from scratch using

  • Keynote

  • Utilise

  • Pexels and Lunapic

  • Design slide decks like a professional slide genius

  • Deliver message consistently and effectively

  • Create animation

  • Create movie and promotional materials using slides

  • Enhance technical and visual elements

  • Create infographic from scratch

  • Present and deliver top notch world class slides decks

  • Yosemite and Office 360 to create motion and design elements

Course Outline
  • Yosemite and Office 360

  • Design principles

  • Modern design

  • Traditional design

  • Design powerful slide deck

  • Feeling confident about space

  • Layout proportions that work

  • Typography

  • Typographic styles and more

  • Using type size , spacing , style and more

  • Information hierarchy

  • Eliminate unnecessary elements

  • Resources for images , icons and more

  • Sketching and planning

  • Content structure

  • Design thinking and strategy

  • Design practice

  • Create iconic graphic presentations

  • Resolving real information design

  • Design and data

  • Data analysis and structure building

  • Layout drawing

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