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Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure

Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to provide participants the knowledge and skills to administer a SQL server database infrastructure. They will learn how to develop applications that deliver content from SQL server databases.

  • Manage users

  • Assign server and database roles

  • Manage users access to resources

  • Apply encryption and auditing to protect data

  • Recovery models and backups strategies

  • Backup and restore SQL server databases

  • Manage databases

  • Configure SQL security

  • Manage alerts and notifications

  • Monitor and mange SQL server infrastructure

Course Outline
  • SQL server security

  • Server and database roles

  • User access management

  • Data protection with encryption and auditing

  • Recovery and backup strategies

  • SQL server databases restoration

  • SQL server management automation

  • SQL server agent security configuration

  • SQL server with alerts and notifications

  • Powershell

  • SQL server with extended events

  • SQL troubleshooting

  • Data import and export management