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Computer Technology 


Provisioning SQL Databases

Provisioning SQL Databases

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to teach participants how to manage SQL server databases both on premise and in SQL Azure. The course will coach them on how to upgrade SQL server , configure SQL server, manage databases and files, manage database server.

  • Understand SQL server components

  • Understand SQL server architecture and resource usage

  • Learn how to upgrade SQL server and migrate SQL server data and applications

  • Perform SQL server storage

  • Work on SQL server virtual machines in Azure

  • Configure SQL server connections

  • Deploy database to Microsoft Azure VM Wizard

Course Outline
  • SQL server components

  • Installation of SQL server

  • SQL server upgrading to SQL server 2017

  • Databases management

  • Database maintenance

  • Storage options

  • SQL server and Microsoft Azure

  • Migrating databases

  • Deploy SQL server on Microsoft Azure virtual machine

  • Databases in cloud

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