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Computer Technology


Computer Technology 


Microsoft Excel VBA

Microsoft Excel VBA

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to teach participants how to use Microsoft Excel as a development tool to design an information system in order to access, analyse and give it meaning. The ability to rapidly convert raw data to useful information that help with better decision making.

  • Create recorded macros in Excel

  • Use the macro recorder to create a variety of macros

  • Understand the Excel object model and VBA concepts

  • Work with the three main components of the VBA Editor window

  • Create procedures in VBA

  • Create and use variables

  • Create and work with user-defined functions

  • Write code to manipulate

  • Excel objects

  • Use a range of common programming techniques

  • Create a custom form complete with controls

  • Code to drive a user form

  • Create procedures that start automatically

  • Write a variety of error handling routines

Course Outline
  • Recorded macros

  • Excel macros setting and security

  • Macro enabled

  • Editing a macro

  • Recorder workshop

  • VBA terminology

  • Object collections

  • Property values

  • Object browser

  • VBA editor

  • Code module

  • Breakpoints in the editor

  • Procedures

  • Procedures live

  • Edit toolbar

  • Indenting code

  • Using variables

  • Scope of variables

  • VBA functions

  • Excel objects

  • Programming techniques

  • Inputbox techniques

  • IF statement

  • Loop statement

  • Create custom forms

  • Programming userforms

  • Procedure

  • Automatic startup

  • Error handling

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