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Computer Technology 


Microsoft Excel Power 4

Microsoft Excel Power 4

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help participant to focuses on the business intelligence platform from Microsoft that empowers the user to understand the concepts and capabilities of the system. Microsoft offers a myriad of excellent and easy to adopt tools which will help participants to analyse and create report easily.

  • Use basic PowerPivot workbooks for Microsoft Excel

  • Create Powerview reports

  • Upload Sharepoint sees or export into Powerpoint

  • Create Power Map tours , utilise as rich and impressive data visualisations

  • Use the full features of Power Query to select and manipulate data from other sources

Course Outline
  • Business intelligence

  • Introduction to PivotTables


  • PowerPivot and Excel 2013

  • PowerPivot and SharePoint

  • Importing data

  • PivotTable reports

  • Calculated columns and fields

  • Data with a query

  • Cascading relationship

  • FILTER Function

  • CALCULATE Function

  • Date table

  • Microsoft power view user interface

  • Tables

  • ChartsBI semantic models

  • Power query and power query formulas

  • ETL with power query

  • Managing data sources and queries

  • Data visualizations and 3D mapping using power map

  • Power map reports

  • Configure PowerBI

  • Working with Power BI in O365

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