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Computer Technology


Computer Technology 


Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help participants to use functions to do simple calculation. Participants will gain the necessary skills to create formulas and calculate using mathematical functions and statistical functions.

  • Calculate using functions

  • Understand the formulas

  • Familiar with the logical functions, mathematical functions, statistical functions , financial functions , lookup functions

  • Edit and format cell

  • Create templates

Course Outline
  • Setup and printing issues

  • Functions and formulas

  • Time and date functions

  • Mathematical functions

  • Logical functions

  • Mathematical functions

  • Statistical functions

  • Financial functions

  • Lookup functions

  • Database functions

  • Named ranges

  • Cell formatting

  • Manipulating worksheets

  • Data with charts

  • Data with graphic

  • Templates

  • Paste special options

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