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Computer Technology


Computer Technology 


Microsoft Excel Advanced

Microsoft Excel Advanced

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help participants who wanted to further enhance their knowledge of Excel. They will learn how to analyse data with Pivot Tables and scenarios. They will also learn how to use VLOOKUP , INDEX and MATCH function.

  • Learn advance chart function and Pivot function

  • Analyse data using PivotTables

  • Perform analysis

  • Perform goal seek and solver

  • Create input table

  • Analyse scenarios

  • Use VLOOKUP to extract data

  • Use INDEX and MATCH function

  • Manage data

  • Create hyperlink

Course Outline
  • Lookup and information functions

  • Subtotal and outlining

  • Analysis tools

  • One or two input data table

  • Goal seek

  • Scenarios

  • Scenarios summary reports

  • Solver

  • INDEX function

  • MATCH function

  • Data management

  • Trendline

  • Advanced charts

  • Dual axis charts

  • Custom chart templates

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