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Maximizing Pivot Table

Maximizing Pivot Table

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help participants to gain a better knowledge and skills to examine and manipulate raw data using Excel PivotTables and Charts. In this program, they will learn the benefits of PivotTable and how to use it more effectively.

  • Understand the advantage of PivotTable reports

  • Convert raw data in excel into meaningful PivotTables and PivotCharts

  • Learn grouping

  • Customize calculations

  • Implement formulas and create formulas outside of a report

  • Create PivotChart and publish it

Course Outline
  • Maximize power of PivotTable

  • PivotTable layout

  • Source

  • PivotChart

  • PivotTable manipulation

  • Rearrange the layout

  • Create new field

  • Remove a field

  • Add and remove field using the wizard

  • Rename a field and format numbers

  • Sorting

  • Autoshow

  • Quarterly group

  • Group data

  • Subtotals

  • PivotTable report

  • Second data field

  • Numerical data

  • Custom

  • Calculation


  • PivotChart report

  • Publish on web

  • PivotTable

  • List

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