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Computer Technology


Computer Technology 




Duration (Days)



This program is designed for participants who would like to develop skills and knowledge for Microsoft Excel Macros. They will learn how to record macros, execute macros in several types of methods, edit macros and create simple custom controls.

  • Run macro Use toolbar

  • Open and use visual basic editor window

  • Record a macro

  • Apply shortcut key

  • Use custom toolbars and buttons

  • Change a button image

  • Create and use macro button

  • Format marco button

  • Move and size a macro button

  • Delete macro button

Course Outline
  • Introduction of macros

  • Developer tab

  • Recording macro

  • Tasks with macro

  • Macro security

  • Macro via trust center setting

  • Running macro

  • Delete macro

  • Enter and edit macro commands

  • Macro commands

  • Run macro with code window

  • Debugger

  • Assign macro button to quick access toolbar

  • Custom button

  • Format macro button

  • Custom controls to a worksheet

  • Form controls

  • Combo box control

  • Spinner control

  • Scroll bar control

  • Option buttons control

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