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Computer Technology 


Implementing Data Models And Reports With Microsoft SQL Server

Implementing Data Models And Reports With Microsoft SQL Server

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to teach equipped participants with the knowledge on how to manage enterprise BI solutions. The course will covers how to implement multidimensional and tabular data models, delivery repots with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and data mining.

  • Understand how to use MDX Syntax

  • Implement dimensions in a cube and measures groups in a cube

  • Tailor a cube

  • Use DAX in a tabular model

  • Create reports with charts and parameters

  • Manage report execution and delivery

  • Create multidimensional databased with analyses services

  • Understand the components and features of a BI solution

  • Use tabular data model in SQL server analysis services

Course Outline
  • Business intelligence and data modelling

  • Multidimensional databases

  • Cubes and dimensions

  • Measures and measure groups MDX

  • Cube functionality

  • Tabular data model

  • Data analysis expression (DAX)

  • SQL server reporting services

  • Execution and delivery BI and SharePoint

  • Performance

  • Point Services

  • Data mining

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