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Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse

Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to provide participants the skills to manage Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database. They will how to build their Microsoft technology skills and SQL Server 2016 management skills.

  • Understand SQL Server Upgrade, manage and configure SQL Server

  • Manage databases and files

  • Explore data warehouse solution

  • Understand ETL with SSIS

  • Debug SSIS package

  • Implement master data service model

  • Manage master dataMaster data hub

  • Analyse data with Azure SQL data warehouse

  • Deploy SSIS

Course Outline
  • Introduction to data warehousing

  • Planning data warehouse infrastructure

  • Data warehouse implementation and design

  • Columnstore indexes

  • Azure

  • SQL data warehouse

  • ETL solution

  • SSIS package control flow

  • SSIS package debug and troubleshoot

  • Data extraction solution

  • User-defined functions implementation

  • SQL server integration services SSIS

  • SSIS packages

  • Data warehouse

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