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Financial Modeling Using Excel

Financial Modeling Using Excel

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for participants who has the basic understand of financial modelling but wish to further enhance their financial modelling knowledge using Microsoft Excel. They will learn how to create financial models, forecasting and budgeting.

  • Create a financial models

  • Common errors

  • Create forecasting and budgeting

  • Link all workbook and manage several workbooks

  • Scenario management and create summary report

  • Extracting data using lookup functions

  • Create hyperlinks

  • Build financial statements

  • Build dashboards

  • Build investment models

Course Outline
  • Financial modelling

  • Forecasting and modelling basics

  • Excel tools and functions

  • Data table and explore scenarios

  • Useful tools

  • Scenario management

  • Scenario summary report

  • Data table analysis

  • Using goal seek

  • Using solver

  • Lookup functions

  • Financial statements

  • Profit and loss

  • Balance sheet

  • Cashflow

  • New functions

  • Building dashboards

  • Investment models NPV , IRR , xNPV

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