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Computer Technology 


Developing SQL Databases

Developing SQL Databases

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help participants to develop a Microsoft SQL Server database. The program will teach individuals on how to use SQL Server product features and tools related to develop a database.

  • Design tables

  • Design and implement views

  • Understand how to optimise and column store indexes

  • Implement stored procedures and user defined functions

  • Trigger data manipulation

  • Design in-memory tables

  • Manage codes and spatial data

  • Store and query blobs and text documents

Course Outline
  • Database development

  • Design and implement tables

  • Tables designs

  • Data integrity Indexes

  • Index strategies

  • Columnstore indexes

  • Design and implement views

  • Stored procedures

  • User-defined functions

  • Data manipulation via triggersIn-memory tables

  • Code in SQL server

  • XML data in SQL server

  • BLOBs

  • Text documents

  • Server concurrency

  • Monitor and performance

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