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Computer Technology 


Developing Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2013 Core Solutions

Developing Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2013 Core Solutions

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to teach participants the core skills that are common to all SharePoint development activities. They will learn how to work with the server-side and cleint-sde object models, deploying and developing features, solutions, and apps, managing identity and permission, manage taxonomy and customise user interface.

  • Develop code for custom server-side components

  • Manage authentication and authorisation

  • Fully maximise the capabilities and design choices for SharePoint apps

  • Develop provider-hosted and auto-hosted apps

  • Deploy SharePoint apps

  • Customize site branding and navigation

  • Implement client-side object model

  • Implement REST API

Course Outline
  • Developer platform

  • SharePoint objects

  • Lists and libraries

  • Features and solutions

  • Server-side code

  • Identity and permissions

  • SharePoint apps

  • Client-side

  • SharePoint

  • Publish Apps and distribute apps

  • Business processes automation

  • Taxonomy

  • Custom components management

  • Site life cycles management

  • User interface elements

  • Branding

  • Navigation

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