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Computer Technology


Computer Technology 


Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator V8

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator V8

Duration (Days)



This program is designed to help participants understand the comprehensive course about forensic investigation techniques and standard tools to carry out a computer forensic investigation. This course will help participants to excel in digital evidence acquisition.

  • Learn to track and identify cybercriminals

  • Perform analysis in a forensically sound manner

  • Perform digital evidence acquisition

Course Outline
  • Computer forensics

  • Investigation process

  • Searching and seizing computers

  • Digital evidence

  • First responder procedures

  • Computer forensic lab

  • Windows forensics

  • Data acquisition and duplication

  • Recovering deleted files and partitions

  • Access data

  • Steganography and image file

  • Password crackers

  • Log capturing

  • Event correlation

  • Wireless attacks

  • Tracking emails

  • MobileReports

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