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Computer Technology 


Administering Microsoft SQL Server Database

Administering Microsoft SQL Server Database

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to equipped participants with the skills to maintain Microsoft SQL Server 2014 database. They will learn the features and tools related to maintaining a database. They will learn about the new features in SQL server 2014 and the capabilities across the SQL server data platform.

  • Install SQL Server 2014

  • Manage core database administration tasks and tools

  • Implement a backup strategyRestore databases from backups

  • Monitor and trace SQL Server

  • Import and export data management

  • Database maintenance

  • SQL Server maintenance with SQL Server Agent Jobs

  • Configure mail, alerts and notifications

Course Outline
  • SQL Server 2014 database administration

  • SQL Server installation

  • SQL Server configuration

  • Databases and storage

  • Backup strategy

  • SQL Server 2014 databases

  • Import and export data

  • SQL Server monitoring

  • SQL Server tracing

  • SQL Server security

  • Data access and encrypting data

  • Database maintenance

  • SQL Server 2014 automation

  • SQL Server 2014 alerts and notifications

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