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Computer Technology 


Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure

Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to teach participants to administer and support Exchange Server 2016. Participants will learn to install Exchange Server 2016 , manage mail recipients, manage client connectivity, message transport and recovery solution. Participants will also learn how to operate Exchange online in an Office 365 deployment.

  • Perform deployment of Exchange Server 2016

  • Create and manage Exchange Server 2016

  • Manage various recipient objects in Exchange Server 2016

  • Manage and implement high availability

  • Perform backup and disaster recovery

  • Configure message transport options , hygiene and security options

  • Monitor, troubleshoot, secure and maintain Exchange Server 2016

Course Outline
  • Deploy Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

  • ServersRecipient objects

  • Exchange management shell

  • Client connectivity

  • High availability

  • Disaster recovery

  • Configure and manage message transport

  • Antivirus, antispam and malware protection

  • Online deployment

  • Troubleshooting

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

  • Securing and maintaining

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

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