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Active Directory Services With Windows Server

Active Directory Services With Windows Server

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help participants to have a better skills to manage and protect data access and information, management identity infrastructure, provide secure access to data, and simplify deployment.

  • Secure AD DS deployment Admin and deploy AD DS in Windows Server 2012

  • Manage user settings

  • Implement and manage AD RMS and AD FS

  • Data access using Dynamic Access Control, Work Folders and Workplace Join

  • Troubleshooting, monitor and maintain business continuity for AD DS services

  • Implement Windows Azure Active Directory

  • Administrate and implement Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services ( AD LDS )

Course Outline
  • Information projection

  • Information access

  • Deployment and administration of AD DS

  • AD DS security

  • AD DS sites and replication

  • Group policy

  • User servings with group policy

  • AD CS deployment and management

  • Certificates deployment and management

  • AD RMS administration and implementation

  • AD FS implementation and administration

  • File access and sharing

  • AD DS monitor

  • AD DS management

  • AD DS recovery

  • Windows Azure Active Directory

  • AD LDS administration

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