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Human Resources


Human Resources 


Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to align the skills currently available with those required to meet strategic objectives and to develop a complete training plan and solution.

  • Prepare and identify of training needs at organisational, department or work-group level.

  • Apply a practical techniques for the analysis of the information and data to identify needs and determine priorities according to budget.

Course Outline
  • Recognise change forces

  • Identify training needs

  • Analyse job functions

  • Design and facilitate the training

  • Assessment of training needs Identify needs at all levels

  • Residual, present and future needs

  • Information gathering

  • Model to identify training needs

  • Plan and develop outline

  • Final report

  • Communicating with relevant parties

  • Implementation

  • Resources allocation

  • Training documentation

  • Analysis and report

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