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Human Resources


Human Resources 


Train The Trainer

Train The Trainer

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to groom in house trainer for all departments where trainer will be able to educate and train other employees. The program covered the basic of designing training program until delivering the training.

  • Identify participant's learning objective.

  • Select suitable training approaches to suit participant's learning style.

  • Able to conduct TNA.

  • Able to design competency based training program.

  • Determine training content and identify relevant training topics.

Course Outline
  • Plan adult learning

  • Types of learning style

  • Learning style theory

  • Training approaches

  • Conduct training needs analysis

  • Scope of organisational, departmental and individual needs

  • Report TNA

  • Identifying training programmes

  • Design competency based training programme

  • Training rationale

  • Workplace standards

  • Learning outcomes

  • Conduct competency based training programme

  • Training method

  • Training resources

  • Training design

  • Feedback analysis

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