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Human Resources


Human Resources 


Talent Management And Succession Planning

Talent Management And Succession Planning

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to equip the participant with the necessary skills and knowledge required for talent recognition, management, retention and development; a sure way to ensure continuity and success.

  • Identify types of talent.

  • Identify key phases for implementing a talent management program.

  • Use measures to retain talent.

  • Identify methods to determine talent for a position.

Course Outline
  • Types of talent

  • Differentiate between talent, skill, and knowledge. talent management program

  • Phases for implementingImportance of talent management

  • Benefits

  • Talent strategy

  • Talent and position

  • Drafting job profile

  • Recognising talent

  • Reward employees

  • Succession plan and timeline

  • Retaining talent

  • Reasons for employees leaving

  • Common Mistakes

  • Integrating compensation

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