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Human Resources


Human Resources 


Retrenchment Procedure

Retrenchment Procedure

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help professional understands the formal procedure of retrenchments by following the law on termination. This course will give professional an in depth understanding of different types of termination.

  • Understand the management prerogatives and employee rights.

  • Understand the probation and the law.

  • Terminate per the employee's contract of service.

  • Retrench without affecting productivity.

Course Outline
  • Hiring of workers

  • Balance between employee security of tenure

  • Employer right to terminate / dismiss employees

  • Law and practice on misconduct

  • Types of misconduct

  • Absence without leaveInnocent absenteeism

  • Tardiness

  • Late comers

  • Poor performance

  • Insubordination

  • Disobedience

  • Employee and malingering

  • Law of termination

  • Termination burden of proof

  • Termination vs dismissal

  • Remedy for unfair dismissal

  • Termination for the breach of contract

  • Termination and understanding probation

  • Procedure for dismissing employee on grounds of poor performance

  • Wages on termination , dismissal and retrenchment

  • Procedure for lay-offs and retrenchment

  • Domestic inquiry

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