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Human Resources 


Resolving Work Conflict

Resolving Work Conflict

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to provide conflict resolution and equip participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively manage and turn around potentially negative performance situations in the workplace with assertive and constructive manner

  • Understand and practice skills in resolving conflict and confrontation.

  • Manage conflict in the workplace with professionalism.

  • Identify different styles and ways to resolve conflict.

  • Learn effective conflict management strategy.

Course Outline
  • Confrontation

  • Role of managing conflict

  • Current conflict resolution strategies

  • Conflict stylesImpact of different conflict styles

  • Process for managing conflict

  • Crosby's conflict process

  • Stages of the conflict process

  • Conflict management strategies and outcome

  • Influencing and assertiveness styles

  • The wheel of influencing

  • Non verbal elements of influencing

  • Stating wantsUsing consequences

  • Giving feedback

  • Situation and integrity

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