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Human Resources


Human Resources 


Performance Appraisal And KPI

Performance Appraisal And KPI

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for management looking for a comprehensive understanding of the performance management and to use it as a tool for conducting a performance appraisal, coaching and feedback.

  • Understand benefits of performance management and know how performance contributes to the success of organization.

  • Rate KPIs and competencies.

  • Write Personal development plans for employees in order to improve performance

Course Outline
  • Importance of performance appraisal and KPI Performance management system

  • Pitfalls to avoid

  • Performance planning

  • Performance planning

  • Project based goals

  • Balance scorecard

  • Category of performance measures

  • Types of key performance indicators

  • Performance planning

  • Core competencies

  • Observing behaviours

  • Rating competencies

  • 360 degree feedback

  • Appraisal methods

  • Application of skill & will matrix

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