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Human Resources


Human Resources 


HR For Non HR Professional

HR For Non HR Professional

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to provide practical knowledge and tools to enable managers to tackle basic HR issues. It will help any manager to understand the basics of HR best practice in order to get the best out of employees.

  • Understand the importance of human resource management to the organization.

  • Appreciate the key functions associated with Human Resource Management.

  • Understand the importance of recruitment and selection.

Course Outline
  • Human resources management

  • The organisation and culture

  • Human resources planning

  • Succession planning

  • Task allocation

  • Manpower management

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Job analysis and job descriptions

  • Sourcing candidates

  • Recruitment interview

  • Reference checks

  • Making an offer

  • Compensation and benefits

  • Performance appraisals

  • Training and development

  • Training cycle

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