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Human Resources 


Employment Act 1955

Employment Act 1955

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to update of any implantation and amendments to the employment act through the comprehensive manual. This course will provide participants with a through knowledge and understanding of the act through examples.

  • Ensure competency in compliance to the requirements of the law in order to avoid costly consequences.

  • Understand the rights and obligations of both parties.

  • Understand the employment act 1955.

Course Outline
  • Contract of service

  • Employer's rights

  • Employee's right

  • Contract out of the law

  • Types of contracts of service

  • Contract of service and contract for service

  • Termination simpliciter

  • Employee misconduct

  • Wages

  • Calculation of ordinary rate of pay under Part 12 Termination and lay off benefits

  • Payment and deductions from wages

  • Maternity protectionPart 12 of the act

  • Employer's obligation part xiii

  • Employment act amendment

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