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Competency-Based Interview Skills

Competency-Based Interview Skills

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to making the selection decision for colleagues to their team and already have some experience in recruiting team members.The course will enhance participants skills, knowledge and confidence in recruiting and selecting the right people.

  • Use competency based interviewing techniques using the CARL questioning method.

  • Evaluate and group data according to a competency.

  • Make objective selection decisions based on the evidence acquired.

Course Outline
  • Positioning of competency based interviewing

  • Benefits

  • Competency frameworks

  • Structuring competency based interviews

  • Format and techniques

  • WASP interview structure

  • Preparing the candidate

  • Time and structure

  • Acquiring evidence

  • CARL questioning method

  • Observing candidate behaviours

  • Recording responses

  • Practising skills of interviewer

  • Rating scale

  • Selection process

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