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Human Resources


Human Resources 


Compensation And Benefits

Compensation And Benefits

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to help participants to use compensation system to retain the best performers. By using compensation and benefits , to encourage productive and performance.

  • Understand the performance management system.

  • Implement different payment structure , appraisal system , benefits to employees.

  • Understand the importance of productivity improvement.

Course Outline
  • Productivity linked wage system

  • PLWS Fixed and variable component

  • Benefit of PLWS

  • Development of PLWS models

  • PLWS steps

  • PLWS application tool

  • Performance appraisal

  • Performance management system

  • Component of performance management system

  • Implanting an appraisal system

  • Post performance appraisal action plan

  • Reward and recognition

  • Basic pay

  • Benefit and incentives

  • Policy statement on salary

  • Shift system

  • Alternative work schedule

  • Welfare management

  • Non statutory benefits

  • Rewarding employees

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