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Manufacturing Operations


Manufacturing Operations 


Industrial Electronic Repair

Industrial Electronic Repair

Duration (Days)



This course is designed for participants will be able to detect and repair faulty components in safely manner. The hands-on experience from the course will prepare participants to use the proper method of soldering and maintaining for electronic boards.

  • Understand the basic knowledge in industrial electronics .

  • Learn safety tips in handling electronic devices.

  • Repair faulty electronics.

  • Test and troubleshoot industrial electronic components.

  • Maintain printed circuit board.

Course Outline
  • Testing equipment

  • Circuit boards

  • Electronic works and safety precaution

  • Ohm Law

  • Connector and relays

  • Capacitors

  • Fuses

  • Diodes

  • Coils/inductor

  • Transformer

  • Transistor

  • Soldering for printed circuit board

  • Maintenance for printed circuit board

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