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Master Of Ceremonies

Master Of Ceremonies

Duration (Days)



This course is designed to groom participants to be a professional Emcee for all types of events. This program is designed to help participants to boost self confidence and entertain the audience, keep the event moving and act as a protocol officer.

  • Build on public speaking skills

  • Able to run the proceedings of a conference , seminar , annual general meeting or any other public gathering

  • Boast self confidence

  • Prepare and write emcee script

  • Engage the crowd with activities and humour

  • Represent company in public arena

Course Outline
  • The purpose and role of an emcee

  • Target audience

  • Crowd size

  • Introduction

  • Event and objectives

  • Drafting your speech

  • The opening

  • Handling fear

  • Stage time

  • Ice breaker

  • WOW effect

  • Sustaining interest

  • Art of questioning

  • Story telling

  • Humour and quotes

  • Body language

  • Games and activities

  • Difference between formal and informal

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